Thursday, September 7, 2017

So this site and a few others were offline for a few days.  I think someone or someones complained to a hosting service that they did not like content in various ways, claiming either, that

  1. photos which I had taken in public of some persons at Greenlake or other places had not given permission for a photo of them or including them be taken and placed on a website; or,
  2. there were some photos of minors, such as the cheerleaders or drill team members of Mercer Island, taken on the day of the Mercer Island summer parade and fair and that such photos should not be on a page which is also at times decorated with nudes or topless images from 500px.

I don’t know the exact content of the complaints;  hostgator did not share them with me; hostgator initially complained to me about one thing, and I accomodated them on that, somewhat unnecessarily, and then they just turned off access to the sites, based on their claim, “We have had many complaints of blah, blah and whatever.”

So, I have had to learn a half a dozen or a dozen newer things about website backups and hosting.

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