Thursday, Thanksgiving in San Jose

In San Jose there is the annual Turkey Trot. The Turkey Trot is a 5k or 10k race on Thanksgiving. There seem to be some commercial sponsors and also, a lot of the money raised goes to several different charities. The announcers of the race discuss and explain that some of the money raised goes to help the less fortunate! There are also signs which tell of the charities which receive some of the money!

In addition to commercial booths after the race there was a booth with some of the San Jose police and I said hello and chatted with Brent who is a Sgt Detective, if I recall his title correctly. He supervises other detectives apparently.

Brent apparently has gone into police work to make the community or city a better place. From what he said he had previously a good position with high pay in a tech firm and thought he would do something new to give back to society. He is certainly a friendly and helpful guy!

From what he says, the SJPD rotates some of its police force between patrol, detective and sergeant detective, or at least, they have been rotating him.

The police of SJ were much more obvious at the Turkey Trot than at the recent Berkeley half-marathon. In Berkeley, at the race, the police were much more invisible other than block off some streets. In San Jose, some of the police are near or nearly among some of the crowd of observers and bystanders. One of the officers says that would usually be by the request of the sponsors.

Brent and I discussed briefly some of the other cities with much less crime which are served by the sheriff’s deputies. I prayed for the police at the booth and the city that they not have bombs or active shooter situations. I said that my hope and prayer for the police and the city is that their work is to correct parking errors and problems and we smiled about that.

Thanksgiving and the 2 days previous actually brought colder weather than previously.

I watched the movie about the lawyer who sued Dupont and made the world a better place by exposing their bad poisining of the water and the air!

Here are some of the nice photos of the past few days.

One of them says watersports, without further explanation, which is a fun and unfortunate pun for a commercial building.

There are statutes of nude women in front of the San Jose federal court building!

In one of the photos, a young lady posed intentionally for me and did so both with and without a v-sign, though she was a bit unfamiliar with usual v-signing!

In one of the photos, there are 3 girls or young women in a line next to each other. One of them is or seems to be smiling towards me or the camera and another is hiding her face in the back or shoulders of the other!

God bless you!
Thanks! God bless you and help you!
God bless you!
Ha! God bless you, miss!
God bless you!

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