To Baronelle re the lawsuits

Greetings Baronelle and Arlene’s flowers

Today I was reading at foxnews and I read your essay on the topic of the lawsuits and the question of religious freedom.

You believe it is wrong for the state of Washington to coerce you into making flower arrangements for causes and events with which you do not agree. In the alternative, the state of Washington may destroy or nearly destroy you or your business for not going along with their dictates.

I assume that you are already praying for those who are mistreating you, but if not, that may be a helpful thing to remember.

If and when you write essays, it may help to encourage others to be praying in a similar way.

If it helps, it appears that the Bible says that God takes vengeance on those who mistreat others in certain circumstances. How and when God would do such things, if in this lifetime, seems to be rarely, if ever, clear.

You may enjoy watching the story of the Polish Soviet War of 1920.

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