to Carmen Best, correction and additional thoughts

Greetings Carmen Best, SPD chief, Sunday, July 7, 2019

Greetings Carmen

I have reviewed the little card given to me by the woman officer at Alki on Saturday. It appears that the woman officer was of the name Guzman and with the number 8506 and there was a male officer named Freese and with number 6962. Forgive any earlier incorrect reporting by me of the id number of Guzman.

It appears that there are several spd police officers and possibly yourself, Carmen, who have exercised serious contempt for my peace and safety.

You perhaps are aware that at times I pray.

If and when one of the several versions of the Seattle thugs grabs my arm and tries to use it to push me around or detain me, and he does so for no lawful reason or purpose and without lawful authority, it seems to me that one very appropriate action on the part of any responding officers would be to rebuke the man who has grabbed and inform me that such an act is a criminal act which endangers him and others.

Perhaps in the contempt that some of your officers have for my safety it does not occur to them to do this simple thing. No?

Because you have posed for photos with Hay and Keller and Cameron, I somewhat currently assume that you are among those who have contempt for my peace and safety. Perhaps I am wrong and you are at liberty to inform me. The error made by Guzman yesterday is one of the same errors made by Hay and Keller on July 18, 2018.

Cameron admitted to Hay and Keller that he was engaged in criminal conduct against zaitzeff at the time he was subjected to pepper spray. Yet it seems that Hay and Keller did not inform Cameron that his conduct was criminal. I could be wrong and I am open to being otherwise informed.

At the present time, there appear to be five SPD officers who have substantial and serious contempt for my safety. Those are Hay, Keller, yourself and Guzman, 8506 and Freese, 6962.

God or a bad twist of fate seems to have temporarily removed Jared Keller from active duty, as you probably know.

I pray for you and your four officers that God show you and them the right way. Others likewise pray. I pray that either God show you folks the right way or that God remove you folks from the force.

My suggestion is that you honor my safety as you would honor your own. It is not difficult and it is not too much to ask, I think.

Long ago, the story is that the servant of Elisha found himself with Elisha and in the midst of many Syrian soldiers. The servant was afraid and Elisha said, “Do not be afraid, for more are those with us than with them.” And the story goes that the servant then saw the hills filled with horse and chariots of fire around Elisha. You are welcome to find the story in II Kings 6, at about verse 16.

I and others are in prayer that you and your folks honor my safety as you honor your own. Do you wish to do better or wait while I continue to pray for you folks, with a complaint to heaven that you and your officers treat my safety with contempt?

I really love your walls.

The walls of Jericho resist the children of Israel.

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