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Greetings Carmen Best and Pete Holmes, from david zaitzeff the character
Friday, October 12, 2018

You folks may know that *I* was recently in the news based on an allegation of wrongful use of pepper spray.

Over the last few months I have done minor research on topics related to use of force and to the use of pepper spray.

It turns out that there is an interesting video up on youtube with a title on the topic of SPD officer T Burns spraying persons on the sidewalk May 1, 2013 or words to that effect.

You folks probably also know that there is a public disclosure request process. Several weeks ago I went to the police HQ and made the request of all reports related to the use of pepper spray by officer T Burns on May 1, 2013.

In the last few days, SPD has provided me with the reports I requested.

Among these reports are a written or transcribed “involuntary statement” given by Burns not long after the May 1, 2013 protests with respect to his use of pepper spray on that evening.

Burns was obviously part of a group of police and the group of police was in close proximity to a group of persons, some of whom had destructive, harmful, combative or assaultive intent.

The crowd of persons as a whole seems to have become more rambunctious and unruly as time went on. Some persons reportedly broke a window or two, pushed some officers and injured one or more officers, over the course of the evening.

Based on the increase in unruly, combative or destructive behavior of some, at about 8:00 p.m. there was an order to disperse.

It appears that not long after that that officer Burns sprayed with pepper spray a number of person in his vicinity, persons who are shown in video as being on the sidewalk or steps at or near the Westlake center, if I have understood correctly.

One or more of those persons was taking video of the protest and that person was presumably not immediately threatening Burns. In fact, it may be that all of the persons that Burns sprayed in the incident described in his statement were not in the process of immediately threatening him or attacking him.

I surmise this from the fact that Burns says that those whom he sprayed he sprayed at waist level, to make them uncomfortable rather than incapacitating them. Perhaps I am wrong?

Burns writes, “I sprayed OC at the feet and waist level of the crowd in an attempt to create an uncomfortable environment that would motivate the crowd to leave the area and not incapacitate any of the individuals targeted.”

Some people were throwing rocks and objects and that is bad and one of them allegedly nearly hit Burns. However, whether any of the persons sprayed by Burns on May 1, 2013 were actually at the time threatening or attacking Burns is not very clear. It somewhat appears that they were not, or some of them were not, but I do not know, but they were loosely a part of a larger unruly group.

Burns writes, “individuals . . . I sprayed with OC. This tactic was utilized in a manner to create a safety margin for all involved and to limit the physical interaction between the crowd and officers.”

Burns also writes, “[I]n an effort to create distance which equates to safety for all parties involved I deployed an oc Blastball in the direction of this crowd.”

Taking all these statements together, it appears that Burns used the pepper spray in one or more instances on persons who were not immediately threatening him, but Burns did so out of the reasonable and understandable motivation both to help protect his safety by driving people away from him and to help motivate the crowd to move along in a desired direction.

So, it appears from reading this report, that Burns used pepper spray on 1 or more persons who were not immediately in the process of attacking him, but to keep persons away from him so as to prevent them from attacking him or interfering with him. Not knowing who might be unruly or who might become violent, Burns acted in a way to keep others away from him.

Burns used the spray to increase his safety and help move the crowd along. Yes?

You folks are probably aware that there was a usual use of force review and the use of spray by Burns was approved and found justified by his supervisors or leaders in SPD.

You should be aware that the story of Burns actions has come up in conversations with certain of my friends when I have discussed uses of pepper spray in 2018.

You probably know of my arrest in July 2018. Perhaps you read the news.

If it is of interest, I am from a background in which we pray for people who are doing or have done dumb things. One of the ways that we pray is that God show them the right way.

I am currently praying that God show Hay, Keller, Holmes and any of his minions in collaboration with him the right way.

It does not mean that I am right. I think it does mean that, if by chance I am right, and if by chance God is paying attention, then, Hay and Keller and any minions of Holmes will wish to provide me with an apology, at their earliest convenience.

Right now, it appears to me and to some other people that SPD officers Hay and Keller or perhaps others believe in having one standard of conduct for police officers and another one for ordinary people, and the standard of conduct for the police, as envisioned by Hay and Keller, is in some ways more lenient than the standard to which you folks attempt to hold persons out in public who are not police officers. Some people seem to think that the safety of an officer is more important than the safety of an ordinary person out for a walk. Perhaps I am mistaken, but some people would get that idea. Some people have already gotten that idea, at least with respect to SPD.

If by chance that were the case, that would be the kind of thing that, at least according to the old and dusty Bible,
God might dislike. The Bible says, “The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked . . .” Proverbs 3:33. The Bible may be old and dusty, but it does have some suggestions about things to avoid doing if you wish to avoid being cursed.

“You are not to be unjust in deciding a case. You are not to show partiality to the poor or honor the great. Instead, decide the case of your neighbor with righteousness.” Lev 19:15.

God show Hay, Keller and Holmes and any of his minions the right way!

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