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Greetings friendly acquaintances at Patriot Prayer

It appears that the school district or districts of Vancouver, Washington have made the news. There is or was some HS senior soon to graduate who complained that the school administration has turned a blind eye and failed to act to stop sexual assault and/or bullying. His name is reported to be Charles Chandler and you may now that the story of his protest has now gone national.

I am up in Mercer Island or King county and so I am far away from Vancouver, but perhaps some of you live or work in or near Vancouver. Perhaps some of you have kids in the public schools of Vancouver. I do not know.

You folks probably know that a large number of schools and schools districts have a policy against fighting which seems to also preclude fighting in self-defense to stop attacks and/or rape. Yes, you have read that right. A great many schools and school districts have a written student manual which you and I and others can read online. This student manual actually is good and reasonable in some schools and school districts and it is terrible in others.

The school student manual in some schools and school districts forbids or appears to forbid fighting in self-defense. Both persons, in some cases, are blamed mostly equally, even though, in many cases, it is clear who was the aggressor and/or instigator of the conflict.

And bullies and sexual attackers thrive in this environment, because the weak are discouraged or at times prohibited from fighting back against the beginnings of assault.

If you have studied even slightly your knowledge of weapons and fighting, you know that there is a saying, which is that action beats reaction. Given human reaction time, a guy who launches a first blow usually has a significant advantage and often defeats or kills or sends to the hospital the person who waits to be hit or grabbed.

Anyway, if it is true that the administration of the schools in Vancouver Washington has been negligent and slothful in the matters of rape awareness and prevention and the same prevention of bullying, then, do you and some of your kids wish to make a difference?

My suggestion would be that some of the kids still in school simply create a personal safety club or self-defense or anti-rape and bullying club. And that they learn about and teach to others as much as they can, while simultaneously protesting and opposing any policies or school manual which forbids self-defense, if such policies exist in the local school student manual.

I am far away and some of you are in Vancouver, so, if anything is to be done to meet the cry of Charles Chandler, it is more up to you than up to me!

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