Today’s elderly woman compliment; prayer thanks

I commonly wear my pink shirt in Berkeley weather such as we have today of 60 or so. When it is warmer I am often in my suspicious character t-shirt.

An elderly woman with whom I was interacting today on the sidewalk complimented me on the pink shirt and thanked me.

She felt it was an example of a good thing of many people in Berkeley at times wearing colorful things, especially young people!

By some criteria I considered elderly or a senior.

I suppose that I am young in comparison to the woman who was complimenting me on the shirt!

I suppose that I get to think about what I am wearing if and when I wear the shirt in some churches.

Several months ago some guy was driving his car in a Mercer Island parking lot and in the passenger seat was a probable daughter. The man says that I fit the stereotype of bad idiots who cause trouble without good purpose to the girls.

Unfortunately he seems to have missed his theology classes. There seems to be pretty good evidence of reincarnation and we do not really know how old I am, how old he is and how old his daughter is!

Elderly people who are taught to think of themselves and to act as if young are provably in better mental and physical health.

So we get to wonder what God thinks of guys in a pink shirt!

I am not even trying to act young; I just have fun and figure that God will have to solve the problems of the world for which God may or may not be responsible!

So I think it is more than 4 and fewer than 50 who have asked me if I am gay or wonder unknown other strange things about me!

Is wearing my shirt worse or better than the girls of school who are in school in fishnet stockings?

I am newly acquainted with a gal on the internet who produces videos of her nude or topless in public! I sent her an encouragement and prayer that God bless her and help her!

She is happy that I am praying for her! She is laughing about it! Ha, ha!

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