Today’s news of seemingly normal Seattle behavior of the jury type

There is a new news story up at komonews on the problems of certain types of crimes and the lack of police enforcement and the lack of prosecution of those crimes.

In this newer news story there is a story of a guy who was approached on the street by a guy with an offer to fight.

Satter said no and thought that was the end of things. Satter seemingly has gone to Seattle jury school and learned the Seattle manner of dealing with bullies, which is, supposedly, try to ignore the bully and the bully goes away!

Oh, right!

Satter took his attention off of the bully or thug for some other purpose, just as a jury I know believed or is reported to have believed I should have done with Brett Cameron.

Man threatens you with harm. Turn away and do not pay attention. Great idea!

“We were walking up Third avenue and some guy out of the blue comes up to me on a little BMX bike and he was like, ‘Hey, do you wanna fight?’ I politely declined his offer.

I looked back to see if there were any cars coming to cross the street to get to the light rail station, and there was a fist in my face. He punched me. Cold cocked me, right between the eyes.”

Satter bled profusely. He had two black eyes. He needed stitches on his nose. His glasses were broken. He had to go to Harborview. Turns out he had a broken wrist, too.

Well, we would not know if this was a guy on the May 2019 jury, but the news says that the man is from Poulsbo and so . . . there is no poetic justice in today’s story, just stupidity.

Man threatens you. Keep your eyes on him until he leaves your vicinity peacefully . . . but what prosecutor of the city or what jury members would come up with such a crazy idea! Pay attention to people who are threatening you, cause they are dangerous, and if you are watching, you get to reduce the chance that they will hit you or others!

Several years ago there was a story of a man in or near the Wallingford area who was threatened or menaced by a roommate with a knife. Brilliant man turns away and attempts to walk past man with the knife. Man with knife stabs him and makes the news.

Is he another student of the school of self-defense of Andrew Lewis?

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