top nine or so viewed posts . . .

I have google analytics set up and it tells me how often certain pages have been viewed in certain ways.

Here are some of the most viewed posts, as measured by “unique page views.”  I do not know why there is such a disparity in number between unique page views and page views, but there is . . .  “Page views” tends to be 3 to 5 times as many as “unique page views.” at 13 unique page views

update to doubts about the alleged assault of 10/10/14 at 18 unique page views

wondering about an alleged assault of 10/10/14 at 17 unique page views

Sunday, July 5, Greenlake at 11 unique page views

Thursday, July 2 at 10 unique page views

Thursday, July 9 at 12 unique page views

missing news coverage of Seattle’s clothing optional beaches at 14 unique page views

Wednesday, July 1 at 9 unique page views

Saturday, July 4 at 12 unique page views

Anorexia among teenage girls at 10 unique page views

These numbers are as of Tuesday evening, July 21st . . .

What is funny is that for some days, I forget why it is that some people might have an interest in viewing the page . . .  This is especially true of July 5 and of July 9, though July 9 has photos of a gal walking by in bikini bottoms . . . and all we can see of them is an inch or so of a strip that runs around the top of them . . . We never know for sure exactly how they look on her!



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