Tues and Wednesday, July 24, 2019, Madison Park

I walked or drove downtown and I walked through Madison Park today.

There was a woman sunbathing in red panties. We would recognize them as panties as not as swimwear, I think, due to the hem.

Last week I spoke with 2 fellows of the E precinct about when they respond to a 911 call re a woman being topless at the beach. Among the many, many other things, one thing that the lieutenant said was that one should consider the presence and reaction of kids.

I turns out that during today’s walk at Madison Park beach, we saw an unscripted reaction of a “kid” to person in less clothing than usual.

There is a woman sunbathing and she is showing a lot of her butt, or whatever words and phrases we might wish to use.

She is being herself without any intent I am sure of causing a problem.

A mom and a kid walk by a few feet away from her. The kid is a boy but I am not sure it makes a lot of difference to kids of age 4 and 5 and 6.

As the kid is walking past the woman in her exposed state, the kid is looking her way and in fact turns his head as he walks to view the unusual sight. The mom is not paying any attention, either to the woman sunbathing or to the kid.

A few seconds later the kid and mom have gone past the woman sunbathing and all is normal . . .

There was also a woman in red who was very pretty. I do not know if she was a lifeguard or had chosen red for another reason! Very pretty!

In any case, now we know . . . if and when a kid sees a body part he has not seen before, in harmless conditions, he may look briefly and continue . . . The woman with her butt showing was showing more of her butt than was one of my model friends when she was doing some topless sunbathing. In any case, so simple and harmless as to not be a problem!

God bless these several women and be good to them!

As driving away I thought of and prayed for the MI police guys who are so nice and helpful and for Mercer Island.

Here are some of the photos of the day!

does this guy notice that he is seeing more than usual?
Very pretty! Thanks! God bless you and the others at Madison today!

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