Tuesday, August 11, 2105–a fantastic day!

I walked Tuesday at Greenlake.  I was there from about 2:30 to just after 4.

There were some fellows giving away some free special water and one of them took a few photos of me while I was walking.

When I was halfway around the lake near the small craft center, there were two women of about my age who began a conversation with me.  They began with the question, “What are you doing?”

I said I was walking with a free hugs sign, and that, around the time I had begun my walks, I had had a friend or acquaintance who had said that I had a cute butt and by wearing skimpy undies, those who wished could view it.

The women then asked or talked about the sentence about vitamin D on my sign, and also I showed them the back of my sign, which was all about vitamin D.

One of the women has had breast cancer and when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctors tested her vitamin D levels in her blood and found them extremely low.  She was then given several large doses of vitamin D, which gradually decreased in dosage.  We read together the sentence on my sign about one study that found that women taking supplemental vitamin D had about 1/4 the rate of breast cancer compared to the control group that received that placebo.

The woman said, “This is really important,” and, “I wish I had seen you before,” meaning, “I wish I had seen you before” she had had the cancer!

How nice!  She wishes I had been around for many years before!  This is “Happy birthday,” a few dozen times!

I continued on my way.  Near the ending of my walk a woman approached me to ask a question.  She asked if I did not feel it was crazy or disrespectful to wear nearly nothing at the lake where there are kids.  She actually spoke of me as naked or nude.  While she was saying this, a passerby stopped for a second and said to her, “You are the one who is crazy.”

The woman did not like this, but we were all at peace. . . though the woman then made an obscene gesture at the fellow who was then in the process of walking away.

I see that someone has been creating art on or by a tree!




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