Tuesday, August 13, 2019

I walked today at Capitol Hill and at Madison Park and I was a bit on Mercer Island.

There were several women at Madison Park who were in a thong today. One of them is quite pretty while sunbathing, I think.

While I was walking at Capitol Hill I had the most interesting reaction. I saw some young women of pretty or interesting figure and I set up to photograph them. I was walking or standing and they were walking towards me.

One of them smiled at me and then waved!

This does not happen very often, but it does!

On Mercer Island there were some girls and guys in some conversation, it seems. I think that one of the young ladies noticed me, but not with any outward expression positive or negative, other than her eyes seem to have been in my direction.

In any case there were today a number of fun and beautiful and interesting persons at the Madison Park and a few other spots.

Here is a quotation from Sophie Scholl, martyr to the Nazis:

“I’ve just been playing the Trout Quintet on the phonograph. Listening to the andantino makes me want to be a trout myself. You can’t help rejoicing and laughing, however moved or sad you feel, when you see the springtime clouds in the sky, the budding branches, moved by the wind, in the bright early sunlight. I’m really looking forward to the spring again. In that piece of Schubert’s you can positively feel and smell the breeze and hear the birds and the whole of creation shouting for joy.”

Here are some of the fun photos of the day!

Thanks for being pretty and having a little fun with us!
God bless you and be good to you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Ha! Maybe she is looking my way to see the photographer!

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