Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was there from about 2:30 to about 4.

I wore a new item of undies today, and also was wearing the socks with colors on top.  The undies were white mesh . . . mostly see-thru in the back . . .

Near the end, I had two encounters  . . . One fellow on a skate board, skated near me and then gave me a peace sign.

Soon afterwards, a gal was jogging past.  She said, “I love it,” and gave me a thumbs up.

There are occasionally homeless or financially challenged people at the lake.  Today there was one at the East Greenlake beach and I have a photo of him.

Also . . . I have a photo a gal walking in a thong or what I call a thong!  Tis the first time!  There have been gals sunbathing in a thong or in the water in a thong, and today is the first for walking on the path in a thong or whatever you wish to call it!  Though, I am slightly inexperienced with my camera and I still make mistakes and the photos were not in good focus!  But, it is great that I saw for the first time the gal, walking in a thong in 2015 (or whatever you call this item of clothing) on the path!  I think I might have seen something similar in 2014, but I will have to check!



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