Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was there from about 2:30 to about 4.

There were some nice photos today, but not much in the way of interaction.  Though, when I was about 3/4 of the way through, I wondered if it would be the first day in white thigh-highs and in which I had no positive interaction.

Around that time, there was a woman pushing a stroller and we were heading in opposite directions.  She nodded and smiled and I replied with a nod and smile.

At one point, there was some chalk art on the walking path with an arrow.  The words said, “Single girl.”

I was on Mercer Island after walking.  After leaving the QFC, there were four girls walking  . . .

I could be wrong, but it seems that girls or boys of junior high and high school age behave a little differently in some ways than those in Seattle.  When school is ending or during cheerleading camp week or at other times, girls and boys of that age enter restaurants on their own and buy meals.  Some of them in fact engage in some gentle greeting behavior towards “others,” meaning people they do not yet know.  But some of that might simply be Mercer Island culture.  I’ve had women from age 14 to 65 in restaurants and the grocery store smile and/or say hi and/or greet me in some way.  I had one of them who joined me at the redbox movie rental to help me review and think about what movie to rent next.

Are people on Mercer Island less afraid of strangers or more Christian or is it something else? Does the fact that they do not have homeless and/or mentally troubled persons or attackers make it easier to be friendly?  I don’t know.  People in Seattle can walk downtown or on capitol hill and get assaulted and hospitalized simply by being approached by strangers, in certain areas or at the wrong time of day or night.

Anyway, the girl photos from Mercer Island is a bit fun and funny.  I assume they were going to some event or something, but not in school dress code approved attire.  But I don’t really know if Mercer Island groups even have a dress code, but we shall assume that they wear more at school . . .  At least, in San Diego county there are school districts where they encourage the gals to wear more . . . and some San Diego county school district killed a cheerleader on the first day of school one year (2004) when they sent her home to put on more clothing and she was in car accident on the way.  I am not a school administrator . . . but I doubt that the new school district dress code or the way they did things was worth the life of the cheerleader.

Oh, about a photo from today . . . a few times a week I pass by persons who are smoking, meaning, tobacco-using.  The city of Seattle doesn’t like that very much, but not many persons have paid attention to the signs they put up.  At one point I thought of photographing some of the persons who are “smoking,” but I figured it would be pointless.  Should people ignore the smoking . . . or should the lifeguards or park rangers once a month talk to people about it gently?

Here are the best of Tuesday 8/25!


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