Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today, twice.  I walked shortly after 12 and then again starting at about 5:45 p.m.  I was also downtown gathering signatures for a while and I greeted the JWs at the magazine rack at Macys.

The first walk was without too much event.  There was an SPD patrol vehicle parked in one of the parking lots of or near the small craft center.  After things were done and I was driving from the area, I tried to wave at them from my car, but I am not sure if they saw me.

While walking at the small craft center, I think that two persons were enjoying taking my photo, though they did not say so directly!

I was downtown from about 2:30 to about 4.  I was wearing the empty holster again.  I wondered if it was noticeable and looked at myself and I concluded that it would be noticeable if a person was looking.  However, if a person looked and noticed, then, I think they would think I was simply a on-duty or off-duty security guard.  A person would also believe that anyone wearing a holster would be someone the police knew or would know sooner or later.

I encountered a friendly acquaintance and also one of the several JWs at Macys.  I asked them if they had noticed, when I was approaching them, the empty holster.  Neither of them had noticed.  Of course, in our society it is somewhat disapproved to look slightly downwards at someone’s mid-section and most people tend to not do so.

I assume that people are not noticing or not noticing consciously.  I have not had a single person look in a way that was somewhat clear to an onlooker that he or she was looking.

One gal whom I asked if she was a registered voter said, “Yes sir.”  It is a bit unusual for people to use “sir” when speaking to me.  Is it because she often uses “sir” in her work, as she said, or because she was slightly aware of the empty holster?  I don’t know.

This woman was, if I remember right, sitting down when we began our conversation by my asking if she was a registered voter.  People who are sitting down have a slightly easier time of perceiving the holster than someone standing up, I think.  A person sitting down does not have to lower his or her gaze for the purpose of viewing another’s midsection in the way that a person who is standing up might.

I walked at Greenlake in the evening from about 5:45 to about 6:30.

Near the beginning of the walk, a fellow said, “No one wants to see that.”

About halfway through the way, a gal was running past and she says, “Get as much as you can while it is warm,” or “while it is hot,” or “while the weather is warm” or words to this effect.  I thanked her and opened my arms and we hugged and she continued running. In her case, she was happy to interact or be slightly encouraging . . . Thanks!

At the end I was near the East Greenlake beach.  There was a likely family including a girl of likely elementary age in a bikini.  I had a brief mental debate as to whether or not I should try to photograph such girls of that age when they are with their parents.  I did not photograph her, but I am not fully decided as to whether or not that is good or bad.

Here are a few photographs.  I am including one that I took yesterday from downtown, as I did not include it in my first version of the post on Monday, August 3.

There were no 911 calls in reference to me logged into the online crime map with regard to my walk about midday and as for in the evening, there is a call put in at 8:15 p.m.  Whether that call was in reference to me or to another person, I do not know.


a photo from Monday, August 3, 2015 . . .


an interesting figure . . . not sure if many have an hourglass figure . . .






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