Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I had more work and errands to do today than normal and I did not get up to Greenlake until later in the day . . .  I walked from about 6 to 7, but I am not sure of the more exact times.

Earlier in the day, between 12 and 1, I happened to be in a restaurant that was half filled with kids from high school who were out early due to the schedule that day and how finals were scheduled for them . . .  One gal was in white pants and no  undies, I think . . . but I don’t have any particular proof . . .  It could have been indiscreet to document!

Even at Greenlake at 6 or so or when I arrived, it seemed that there were more kids than usual playing, among the many others.

No hugs today.  SPD patrol on bicycles zipped past at one point . . .  There are no calls related to me on the online crime map, but presumably SPD knew I was walking at the time I was walking!

I wondered if the SPD patrols have more concern about me than they need to have and I wondered if it will help to have lunch or dinner with the leader of the north precinct if and when he permits . . .


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