Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I was caned on Sunday evening and I decided to walk in undies nevertheless today.  I did bring along a bit more to wear if the stripes or welts were creating chaos and concern in the minds of a significant part of the people.  But it seems that they did not.

I had four positive interactions with others today.  One woman was running in the same direction as I was walking.  She stopped to hug me.  One person flashed me a V sign as he or she walked or run past.  One person nodded in greeting.

One person asked if I was well and when I said I was, she said awesome or some other encouragement, and I prayed that God bless her.  Her question about my being well did not reflect the stripes on my butt, I believe, because we were approaching each other from opposite directions and I don’t think she had seen stripes.

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