Tuesday, Santa Clara county, 12/17/19!

I did some errands in the morning and around 1 I visited a library and then later in the day I visited a different library!

On Monday I had an extended conversation with E who is the wife of one of several elders at the church of the valley in the San Jose area. After the conversation I sent to E some prayer requests and then I sent to her the story of my visit at the church of Christ on Sunday and also a post on the topic of I Cor 12:14ff. The posts to E included the unusual situation of my being up at Christchurch in Berkeley and a woman I did not know, and who did not in fact know me, saying to me, “I know you; you are the guy who has been praying for me!” Who could believe it?!

The prayer requests and also the story of my visit at the church of Christ and also the discussion of I Cor 12:14ff raise the topic of my thinking girls and women are pretty, interesting, revealing or flirting and then my praying for them as a way of being nice to them or appreciating them.

Tuesday, shortly after noon, I was over at the Cupertino library and I decided to take a few photos of the program from the Winter Showcase of the Monta Vista dance team. I put the program on a pole in the parking lot and took the photos of the program I thought I was going to use.

Santa Clara county was cloudy or hazy with light clouds and haze most of the day. See below for a sample photo of the clouds of the day, with the photo being taken around 4 p.m. There were clouds and no clear sunlight till sometime after 12. There were clouds and no clear sunlight after about 3.

I took the first photos of the program and the clouds then broke and the sun came out. I saw that I had better lighting and I retook some more photos of the program with sunlight on them. I have just checked the time stamps on the photos.

The first photo I took of the dance team’s program was at 12:51 and the photos with sunlight on the program were taken at 1:00 p.m.

If you wish, try to not worry too badly!

I suppose that whether or not there is sunlight on a otherwise cloudy day when I wish to take photos of the program of the high school dance team’s show’s program would surely be a favorite topic in my next “mental health evaluation!” I wonder when that might come next?

Hey . . . if you don’t tell the psychological evaluator, maybe I won’t tell, either!

Now, realize that I am aware that the creator of some murderous and insane religious cult saw the movie Highlander and believed that God was talking to him by means of the Highlander movie! I think he may not be the best example to follow.

During WWII, at one point, a group of German soldiers were on meth. They thought they were under attack and they fired and shot all their ammo. By the morning they were out of ammo. There had been no attack on them.

So the response to a nonexistent attack on them, done while they were on meth, was not the greatest idea for them! With any luck, I will abstain from the meth!

As for why I chose the minutes just before the light was going to break through the clouds for my photos of the program . . . I do not know! God gets to laugh, if He thinks that was funny! How funny! I know some of you maybe do not!

If you too many concerns re my mental health . . . we could chat with the Seattle police and the MI police who are actually friends or friendly acquaintances of mine! I know at least 3 police officers who are not insane! Hey, call Brent of San Jose!

For work on that day I picked the Saratoga library, which turned out to be great, great fun in addition to work!

Students after school go to the library to study or socialize and some of them are pretty or fun! That it is, they are fun to see as they walk by! God bless them! I thought Saratoga was so nice and fun that I prayed for the whole city that God bless and help the people of the city in several ways! Then I figured that I should also pray for the whole city of Cupertino for having a high school with a fun dance team and I prayed for Cupertino as well!

In the photos below, note that one has no clear demarcation between light and shadow and that the other one does! Ha, ha! How funny!

I will try to not be guided completely by coincidence, if you can tolerate that!

I found a new and fun music video, called Sugar Free! God bless T-ara!

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