two church services, Sunday, 12/22/19!

I visited two churches on Sunday, 12/22/19!

The first was the church of the valley where there are Steve and Erin Cheney as part of the ministry team.

I assumed that I would merely visit with people prior to service and to fill out a prayer request card. However, I ended up staying for whole service, cause they take their prayer request cards near the ending.

I could be wrong but it seems that the people of the Campbell church of Christ have more engaging fellowship prior and post service. It appears that more persons at the church of Christ come over to say hello, to chat with me and to learn more of my walk, but things are not fully clear at this point.

I would simply that the number of those who greet me before and after church is high at the Campbell church and it seems much lower than the church of the Valley.

At the church of the Valley I filled out the contact and prayer request card, which was a 3 by 5 inch card. I filled out the back of the card with seven prayer requests while thinking about the size of the cards at the Campbell church of Christ, which are in fact, larger by a third, I think.

Forgive my noticing the size of the cards, but it matters when I have a lot of requests!

At the church of the Valley my requests were for myself for healing and to make a lot of money and for others as follows: 1) for Mohammed the Muslim from Danville; 2) for Min the 8th grader without God and religion; 3) for the girl in red who danced or waved a bit in the Starbucks on Friday evening; 4) for the two women who walked in the Mall in short Christmas outfits a few days ago; 5) for the girl with the red gift bag a few days ago.

The lead minister of church of the Valley read a part of the epistle of Jude.

Some people at the church of the Valley hug in greeting, which is nice!

They have cookies on some trays for people at some points, apparently between services.

Steve Cheney was happy to see me and to greet me, which was nice, for I had sent his wife prayer requests in the last week, which include praying for girls being fun, smiling or looking pretty. I am not sure if sending prayer requests to the worship leader or minister to pray for girls who are fun, say hi or are looking pretty adds a lot of good credit to my name!

But they did not chase me away! How nice!

I went over to the church of Christ. Various persons greeted me including Ming and those greeting me also included Scott who is the lead minister for the church, in addition the elders of the church.

When I encountered Ming I thought of Min the student who is without God.

I wrote a longer version of prayer requests on the prayer request card of the church of Christ, though I omitted the two requests for myself, and I added about 3 for others, mostly girls I thought were pretty and I had seen earlier in the week.

There were 3 girls who smiled at me and one or two who said hi to me on Tuesday, and there was another girl who smiled at me on Thursday, and there was the attractive girl in black legging, and I included these persons, if I recall, in my prayer request list for the Campbell church of Christ. I actually do not remember the exact count and I may be plus one or minus one in terms of what I wrote on the prayer request card at the Campbell church of Christ.

Since this week I encountered the 8th grader boy kid without God and then also encountered the Muslim, I listed both of them clearly in both prayer request lists.

I shared with Gray and some others the story of Mohammed the Muslim from Danville and how Mohammed stepped out of the pizza line to greet me and now I was praying for him.

I requested prayer in specific for Mohammed and for Min the student without God and requested that of one of the elders, and then of another of the elders and David, and then of the church of Christ music or worship minister.

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