upcoming oral arguments! Important!

In the appeal of the case of Cameron and Zaitzeff, there will be oral arguments December 6th at 8:30 a.m. heard by some guy of what seems to be an Asian name. I think it is Oishi!

There are 2 important issues. One is if and when 1st Amendment protected conduct can be made the subject of a “first aggressor” jury instruction. Can a person who is exercising 1st Amendment protected rights be considered a “first aggressor” if his conduct offends another person?

Hey, I think that all the Muslims who are in America are “first aggressors.” If they go to the mosque, well, then . . .

The other issue is whether or not it is an abuse of discretion for the trial judge to have excluded the testimony of our PI, a former police officer, about threats, evaluating threats and about pepper spray and to have issued an instruction that he could testify only if and when he would be directly contradicting a prosecution witness testifying on the same topics, which he intended to allow!

Oh, boy!

Well, forgive me if the trial judge is burned in effigy in the near future!

Anyway, the topics are topics of public importance . . . and if you enjoy an argument, the argument should be interesting to watch.

Please note that the city’s attorney has claimed in his brief that I did not have the first amendment protected right to photograph Cameron . . . and I am pretty sure that the federal courts do not agree with that!

Friday, December 6th at 8:30 a.m.!

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