update to doubts about the alleged assault of 10/10/25

On 10/10/14 there was a call made to 911 and SPD reporting a form of sexually motivated assault at Greenlake.  The woman who made the call met one or more officers at the nearby Shell Station at 72nd and Aurora Ave N.  The call apparently was made to 911 about 7:09 p.m.

The officer or officer then went to Greenlake and spoke with a number of persons in the area of the alleged assault.  Some observers said that there was a fellow who had been hiding in bushes or walking and turning without known reason.  Police spoke with him.  He was not nervous.

In those two weeks, I walked at Greenlake a number of times.  It was most every day, except for a few rainy days, such as 10/11/14.  I had walked in fact at Greenlake that day 10/10/14, finishing a walk around 5 or shortly before or after.  On all of these walks in the first few weeks of October, I had walked past the “small craft center” which has a parking lot next to it.  On one of them, a woman in a car had honked her horn at me.  She then yelled some profanity at me and said I am calling the cops.  This location (the small craft center and its nearby buildings and parking) is the location of both a woman yelling at me about calling the cops . . . and it is the starting location of the story of the alleged sexual assault as found in the police report.

I check the online crime map every day or almost every day when I walk.  On the evening after I had had the lady yelling at me, I had checked the online crime map and there was no call logged into the crime map that would have related to me, at least when I checked the online crime map an hour or two after my walk.  It is very possible that the day of the woman yelling profanity at me and saying she would call the cops was at about 5 p.m. on 10/10/14, but I don’t have records of the day of her yelling.

Sometimes calls are logged into the online crime map 2 hours or so after the call has been made.  Once in a while, I check the online crime map and there seems to be nothing in relation to me . . . and the next day when I check the online crime map, I see that there was a call put into it, perhaps in relation to me,  and the call was put into the online crime map later in the day or evening than when I had checked it on the day before.

In this case, Saturday 10/11/14 was a rainy day.  I did not walk and I did not check the online crime map that day.  If the day had not been rainy, I probably would have walked and probably would have seen that there was an assault being logged into the map for the previous evening, 2 or 3 or 4 hours after I had left the area after that day’s walk.  The default setting for the online crime map is the previous 24 hours.  I did walk again on 10/12/14, and I don’t remember how it looked when I checked the online crime map, but I would not have ordinarily set it to show me the previous 48 hours.  So  . . . because of the rainy day on 10/11/14, I missed seeing the online crime map with the 911 call being logged in reporting an alleged sexual assault in the evening of 10/10/14.

I did not notice the call  . . . and on 10/27/14 or so, I did not notice the related story on komonews.com reporting on the alleged attack.  I did find the komonews.com article several months later, when I was doing some further basic research in building greenlakewalking.com.

I requested by public disclosure information about the call and its results.  I made the request in the middle of January 2015.  At first the public disclosure unit provided me with a call about an unrelated scream in the middle of the morning.  then, after further research to locate the appropriate call and report, on April 1st, Elizabeth Mash of the SPD PDU emailed me a redacted version of a police reported that resulted from and related to the call about the alleged assault.

Attached is a screenshot showing my emails from Ms. Mash and the date April 1 for the date that she finally found and emailed to me the correct police report about this alleged assault.elizabethmashemailtodavidapril012015

As for the choice of date in providing me that information . . . well, that was completely in the hands of Ms. Mash and I assume she had no thought, positive or negative, about emailing me that police report of the alleged assault on April 1st. . .

There appears to be a discrepancy in the accounts as to when the alleged assault took place.

Per the police report, the woman had no description of the attacker because it was so dark she could not see him.  Per the komonews article, the attack took place about 6 p.m., which was 30 minutes before sundown.  The woman’s inability to describe the attacker may include  his race, because 911 operators and police will routinely ask the race of a person being described and no mention of the attacker’s race is found in the redacted police report.  Perhaps 75% or more of the persons who use Greenlake are white.  Or, maybe it is being presumed that the attacker was white?

Here are some sentences from the komonews article: “She said it was around 6 o’clock in the evening – and still fairly light out – when a man grabbed her from behind.”  Here is what the police report says, “She stated that she did not see the suspect because it was so dark.”  Ok, oh well,  how do we reconcile these two statements?

“Karly did not know if anyone else was in the area during the incident.” Unless it was rainy or cold, the answer is that there probably were a number of them . . . and since I walked that day, I happen to know it was not raining or cold.

“The victim said she was walking alone when the attack happened just north of the boathouse.” This is  where a woman I do not know was sitting in a car in a the parking lot, honked her horn, was yelling some profanity at me and then saying she would be calling the cops.  It was on a day, either 10/10/14, or a day shortly before or afterwards, around 5 p.m..

“I had my hands in my pockets like this . . .” and what % of the persons who walk at Greenlake walk with both their hands in their pockets?  Less than 7%?  1% or fewer?

In the photo taken at 5:43 p.m. on April 16th and showing candidly approximately 15 persons, there are none of them with both hands in pockets.  There is one person, out of about 15, depicted who has one hand in a pocket and her other hand out of pocket.

“I had my hand on my mace.”  She is so concerned about her safety that she walks with her hand in a pocket holding mace or pepper spray and she is also so careless that as she was fleeing, she dropped it and did not pick it up?  For a person has just been assaulted with sexual motivation, some people would make the guess she would be highly motivated to hold on to the spray container.  But some persons do strange things, such as dropping their pepper spray . . . I guess . . .

According to the police report, the attacker placed one of his arms or hands across the front of the victim’s body.  Sundown was at 6:33 p.m.  Perhaps it was so dark at 6:55 p.m. that she could not see the skin color of the attacker.  I don’t know.

Per the police report, the complainant had pepper spray with her at the time, but she dropped it as she was fleeing.

A few months ago, I wrote a post on this blog on which I stated I had doubts about the alleged assault, as it was described in komonews.com, because of the light available before sundown and because of the common presence of passerby who would have come to her aid.  I included a photo taken at 5:43 p.m. one day in April 2015 (on a weekday evening) showing 15 or more people in one photograph, taken from on the walking path and facing to the west.  If I had turned and faced east, I believe I would have had a view of another approximately 15 persons to my “rear” or east, at 5:43 April 16th, 2015. A successful sexual assault, if it was meant to last more than 60 seconds and include some abduction of adult, on a day and time and place such as when I took that photograph, would have been impossible due to others who would have seen and intervened.

Do I believe the alleged sexual assault took place?


We have a discrepancy in the 2 accounts about the time of the alleged attack . . . and the difference in time is the difference between night and day.  The attack was either about 6 p.m. or, when it was so dark she could not the attacker and then give a description of him, including, perhaps, his skin color.  Why the account made to komonews–or reported by komonews–gives a time of about 6 p.m. for the alleged attack, in daylight hours, when the police report indicates that it was so dark the woman could not see her attacker or describe him, is, at this point, inexplicable.

The alleged victim gave one explanation to police as to why she had no description of the attacker other than he being 6 foot tall . . . and komonews reports another two different reasons for the complete absence of a description of the attacker.

My guess is that the woman who yelled at me in those weeks in October fabricated an account for police . . . and after first being interviewed and saying she had no description of the attacker because it was so dark, later decided that she would give komonews different reasons for not seeing him and having a description.  To komonews, apparently, she describes an attack taking place in what would have been daylight.

The woman apparently spoke with komonews at some point after the alleged attack.  For some reason, neither she nor komonews makes the clarification that the attack took place when it was so dark she could not see the attacker (as the police report states), but instead the article is done so as to give people a sense of fear about walking at Greenlake in daylight . . . given both the time of day and the accompanying photo at komonews.  It appears that komonews has collaborated in generating fear in the minds of some people about the safety of walking at Greenlake in daylight hours.  Of course, if the woman’s true purpose was to create fear and concern among persons about my walking at Greenlake . . . then . . . whatever she described would have to be in daylight . . .  Oh, well.

From reading a variety of other 911 call reports that I do know were related to me, I know full well that some people are fully able to strongly exaggerate or mislead in their calls.

Of course, perhaps I am wrong and the problems arise due to bad reporting being done by komonews . . . by a reporter who was careless and did not bother to read the police report, check the time of sundown and a few other things . . .  That still would not explain how a person who has just been attacked manages to drop her pepper spray and not pick it up, as she claims . . .

As I was making a few additional edits to this post, I had another window open that was playing songs on youtube.  After the official version of Cinderella by Tata Young, youtube began to play this one, with Disney animated characters . . . with some of the following starting points . . .  Oh, well . . .

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