updating Seattle groping news; praying

On Friday, 10/19/18, it was in the news that a guy groped a gal in the u-district of Seattle and he continued south on university ave and she went home and called 911.

That is unfortunate, but her not calling instantaneously is understandable for a person who has not been assaulted a number of times previously.

The first few times a person is assaulted without good cause, and if the assault is slight, minor or transient, he or she may often simply not report or report with a delay.

It may take a few months or a few years for that person’s approach to change, if at all.

Most people, with some reason and justification, dislike the idea of either photographing the guy or walking after him in his direction at a distance, while calling spd.

If you have no weapons and no knowledge of them . . . and if you are 1/2 of a block behind the guy and the guy becomes irritated, then, you are at risk of being assaulted again.

If you have a weapon and the other guy does not seem to be brandishing . . . and if you have at least a 50/50 chance of using it properly and not having it taking out of your hand . . .

then . . . if you also have the time to follow him and you wish to help the public avoid the next time the guy does this . . .

Follow him at 25 feet . . . do whatever you can, reasonably, to take his photo from a distance of 10-20 feet, front and back if possible . . . have a phone or ask others to call 911:

911: “911. What is your emergency?”
Gal: “I have just been groped. I am in pursuit of the guy at a distance of 20 feet on foot, headed southbound on University Ave, at 47th. He is . . . and I am . . .”
911: “you are moving? We don’t like that.”
Gal: “The guy is moving and I am following.”
911: “We would much rather you did not and also, it will be hard for the officers to find you.”
Gal: “Ok; then, send officers to a possible disturbance at 45th and University; please have them call if they arrive and don’t see anything. I’ll be happy to see you guys when you arrive, and I won’t pursue the guy if he gets on a bus or goes into an alley or other confined space. Would officers like to visit and come help? See ya.”

Kelly Herron a year ago fought off the assaillant in a bathroom of Golden Gardens Park. Just recently she was groped while running in a race by a guy with some weird non-consensual hug/grope.

Kelly Herron had to decide whether to continue the race or to the pursue the dumb-dumb. For the sake of other women after her, she went after the guy, while yelling or screaming to attract attention.

A man then tackled the gropinator.

In the news story over at the Dori Monson place, it says,

She noted that after the assailant saw that she was willing to fight back, “that smile wiped off his face real fast.”

But with any luck, most pursuits will not result in fighting back or fighting, simply a low-level risk of it.

I know and have met in person Kelly Herron and we exchanged encouraging emails after her being subjected to the attack in 2017. . . and in one of the clips up at mynorthwest, Kelly is discussing the problem in general and how women need to stand up and for a variety of people . . . and one of our wonderful first responders under attack, Brett Cameron!

Ha, ha.

If by chance there is an acquittal in 2 or 3 months, I will have an interesting document to add to facebook and some other locations. Of course, human courts are fallible and there is no certain telling, either what they will do or if they will right.

If we type in into the search engine Greenlake runner groping, the only news results which appear and which are on that topic are in 2018.

In one q13 news story on the attacks, one woman says that she now only runs in daylight hours, which are becoming less.

So, miss Maria Ball and miss Mande McKinney, forgive my not being around at Greenlake and praying for your folks well-being, as I had been doing, up to July 18th. Now I pray for the occasional woman or young woman on Mercer Island, downtown and at Alki. God bless and help her!

And for Hay, Keller, Holmes and Monson and for Seattle in general I pray that God show them the right way. We might have assumed that God would not pay a lot of attention to the request . . . but at least in terms of prayer.la, there seem to be people who notice and respond by praying . . .

Do I pray that God help stop the homeless and other deranged from attacks and gropings, or, do I pray that God show the city of Seattle the right way when it comes to self-defense and the use of weapons?

I do not know. . .



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