Updating some photos with captions; God’s justice . . .

One thing some people wonder about who are without the Bible is the question of the existence and justice of God.  

God being just is a question given all the so-called bad things that happen and the probably evil, allegedly evil or actually evil things that happen and seem to not be compensated and the suffering of the innocent or just.
Because I must wonder about some things in the last 18 months being just or not–and I believe that they were not–I have posted comments of Martin Luther on the topic of God’s justice.

Apparently Luther believed that Aristotle thought there seemed to have been a God, but that God or the cause or prime mover did not pay attention to the world/earth, because otherwise God would be upset and intervening to straighten things out.

Anyway, Luther believed, as do other Christians or some of them, that God straightens things out after we are dead!

Ha, ha.  Great idea, that!

But, yes, you and I can suffer at times with joy in the vision of God’s fixing things!  

Long ago there was an official in the Roman Empire who suffered or believed he suffered harm or injustice.  He wrote a book The Consolation of Philosophy.

Oh, I updated the post of Monday, July 22 with some captions for some photos!  Apparently the experience with Brett Cameron is not all bad, cause I get to mention him in a caption, as claiming, when the gal whose photo I have taken seems to be a young woman or so-called girl, Brett Cameron says, “Very bad!”

Actually, though, the benefits of Brett Cameron have been I have watched a lot of youtube videos about victory in battles and in wars . . . thought and watched more on the topic of just war theory . . . listened to a lot of martial music on youtube . . .

Here is one new caption, “Very bad, Brett Cameron says! Ha, ha! God bless her and be good to her!”
When the woman in the photo is a woman, though, presumably over 18 . . . I just write a caption that she looks nearly nude, or nice or what-have-you that is interesting.

If it matters though, in the media and on trial, Cameron dramatically exaggerated on the topic of person’s age.
God fix everything, after we are dead! God fix everything and sooner if He can! God fix everything as soon as God arises! Let no man say that God has gone to sleep!

Though, I suppose the other question is . . . if and when Brett Cameron visits greenwalking.net and finds that he is included in captions of photos of “girls,” oh, well, does he claim that I must delete the captions of him saying “very bad?”

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