Valium, diazepam and the Las Vegas shootings

According to webmd, the “rare” but recognized side effects of valium/diazepam include hallucinations, “aggressive behavior,” becoming easily angered, delirium, paranoia and the loss of one’s sense of reality.

One study of valium was done double-blind and using a control group receiving a placebo. The study found that those taking a so-called therapeutic dose of valium were more likely to inflict the most severe level of electric shock against a fictitious opponent in a competitive task. The study speaks of “benzodiapezine-facilitated aggression” and was published in 2002 in the journal addictive behavior.

Another study was done by researchers attempting to prove that valium had no true relationship with self-aggressive behavior and that any reports of such a relationship were illusory. The study results were the opposite from the expectations of the researchers, who found that those taking Valium, even those who were otherwise healthy, who were without a diagnosis of mental infirmity and only for a very brief time for the purpose of the study, were more likely to engage in aggressive behavior towards themselves in the context of competitive task. This was published in psychopharmacology in 2005.

One study published in psychopharmacology in 2004 found that diazepam/valium produced “disinhibitory cognitive effects.”

Some people who drink alcohol are peaceful and go to sleep and some others who drink alcohol become flirtatious, rude, reckless, sexually aggressive or uninhibited and/or drunk and disorderly. No one I know thinks that gun owners should be drinking on the basis that some fraction of those who drink just get drowsy.

Yet we have a drug administered to a segment of the population that causes hallucinations and delirium in some people, and which, when given, for a very short time, in therapeutic doses to people who are mentally healthy prior to participating in the study, produces increased aggression against self and others and reduces inhibitions and the increased aggression was found in one study by researchers who were attempting to prove it did not exist.

The controlled double-blind studies which are done are generally not done for long periods of time, even though, allegedly, some of the side effects of valium become more pronounced and/or severe with ongoing use and the controlled double blind studies are done with otherwise mentally healthy people.

So, guys, come on . . .

We’ve got a bunch of doctors prescribing mind and mood altering drugs, with side effects of hallucinations, delirium and paranoia and those are the rare side effects but increased aggression is easily proven as a general side effect

and no one questions whether or not those who allegedly need valium and the other benzodiapezines and who are taking them to alter their moods and the functioning of their minds, with unpredictable mental health side effects, should be handling the guns?

Six months ago I was participating in a small online forum on weapons and I wrote that taking certain drugs predisposes some people to violence and aggression against themselves and others, and that, once we exclude the religious terrorism, nearly all the mass shooters are on, have been prescribed or are recently off some of these mind-altering drugs. . . and more of them would be provably so if we had more data from their doctors, who don’t always release the information, apparently, just cause their patient has shot 5 people.

A lot of fury was directed against me and I was accused of being prejudiced.

So, those who wish some effective “gun control” should consider it for those who are taking benzodiapezines and several other classes of medicine.


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