Weapons carry and dogs

Should a person carry a weapon of some kind? Well, some portion of the residents of Washington have a firearm. I forget the %. Of those who have a firearm, it is about 1/3 who also have the concealed carry permit. Personally, I think it would be ok to have everybody approved for the carry permit who is not a felon or perhaps even not those involved in assault, shoplifting or robbery that ends up including a weapon. but maybe the state would like people to have a bit more education or some extra requirement for carrying their handgun concealed. Anyway, “most” people are not out carrying their weapons, even of those who have weapons at home–at least when it comes to their firearm.

I was reading the news this evening and there is a link in local news about a man who was mauled by dogs. The situation was down in southern california near where I have lived in certain years past. The man was with his own dog and his dog was attacked by 2 pitbulls and the man tried to intervene and the pitbulls then turned and attacked the man.

Now the man, of Huntington Beach, is or has been in the hospital for surgery for several deep and bad wounds. Brady during the attack pulled out a pocketknife and used it to stab the dogs and that saved him. Now, it was in the news a few years ago that a woman was attacked by 2 dogs in some strip mall or parking lot in Pierce county and it was also in the news that a man was attacked by dogs in New York when a woman who was irritated at him urged her dogs to attack him. There are photos of the woman attacked by dogs in Pierce county and there is the video of the man being attacked by the dogs in New York.

So, bad dog attacks can occur “anywhere,” whether in city or rural areas. If you are one of the ones who has no firearm, or who has a firearm at home and does not carry the firearm outside the home, then, you may wish to consider carrying a knife of whatever sort suits you and/or your conscience and/or local law. If you have a knife, carry it in a way that enables you to draw it, and check your knife for either a one-handed open or for being able to carry it unfolded, if you are using a folding knife.

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