Wednesday, April 15, 2015: the chiropractor gets closer after learning about caning . . .

I was called in to do an errand at work at 2:15 but it turns out that the manager then changed the start time to an hour later.  This was Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

I walked over to the gym to do some bridges, squats and/or hip thrusts . . .

I entered the gym and near the front there were two people from a chiropractor’s office.  We chatted some.

On this day there was a chiropractor doing some very simple and free greetings for the purpose of persuading people to come to her office for a lower cost exam . . . and maybe they would become patients.

She is pressing in on my neck and a spine in a few places and at one point she says, approximately, “I did not mean to hurt you.”

I say, “About that, I am one of the one in a thousand persons who gets caned, so that pressure is very minor and not a problem.”

She says, “Is that some kind of therapy? What is caning?”

I say, “No, with caning you use a stick or a rod and you wap people with it.”

She still doesn’t understand at first that caning is passionate wapping . . . and I ask if she know the name Michael Fay who was caned in Singapore. I also then say, “Caning is a form of spanking.”

At about this point, she starts to laugh a little and she says, “Well, I learn something new every day . . .”

After she has pressed on my neck and spine in several places and check some muscle tension, we are both standing up and discussing chiropractic and her approach to chiropractic.

I then realize that distance between the two of us is shorter by 25% (or more) less than the distance people commonly stand in our culture when speaking with each other, even when used between men and women. Caucasian people in the USA commonly stand or talk with a distance of 18 inches or more. She is clearly within the 18 inches away from me, and she is away by 12 or slightly less. 18 inches and less are what psychologists believe constitutes “intimate space,” space. Since I know that I don’t approach people without their will, I figure that somehow she had chosen the distance and was comfortable with it.

After she had been pressing on some parts of my neck and spine, I had both stood up to discuss a possible appointment.  The normal situation is that now, I or she would have moved away from the other until there was 18 inches or so distance between us, but I did not move slightly away and she did not move slightly away, and we had our brief conversation from a distance that I think was a foot or slightly less.

Psychologists actually claim that people in the US tend to like to have conversations with other people at 4 feet away, but I find 4 feet for a conversation with someone I know is hard to imagine, unless it is a situation in which I am approaching a stranger or a stranger is approaching me . . .

For her, though she is unacquainted with caning, the fact that I get caned apparently made me more approachable and perhaps even attractive . . . at least if we can make a guess based on body distance while standing and talking.

In any other situation than her being a new chiropractor in the health club, I would have offered to hug in goodbye . . .

Usually I am called in to work at the right time . . . If it had not been for an error of 1 hour at work’s start time, I would not have seen this chiropractor this day. . .

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