Wednesday, August 26, 2015, topfree day!

Today was one of the most interesting days.  I walked at Greenlake and I was there from about 2:15 p.m. to about 3:25.  There was a gal going topfree today!

My walk began in clothing.  I walked over to the East Greenlake beach and back.  There was a mom and two young ladies who I assume were her daughters or a daughter and friend of daughter.  They were selling Katie’s cupcakes for .50 and I bought one and said hi.  The kids were of likely elementary school age, which seems to be the age at which some kids sell some mild things on some days at Greenlake, especially in the weeks just before school starts again.

We shared a sentence about the Man from UNCLE and the Disney movie Descendants.  I said that there were some nice music videos from that movie, but I had not seen it.

I walked back to the car and then dressed for my usual walk in undies.  When I had been talking with the mom and two kids I wondered if mom would feel bad or happy or nothing, given that she had brought her kids to the east beach of Greenlake, knowing that I would probably be walking by in undies 10 or 15 minutes later.

And, 10 or 15 minutes later, I passed by the East Greenlake beach area and continued north. The mom and kids were there, with their table facing the walking path, but I did not engage them in conversation–but there was not outwardly heard or perceived concern or grief, and that is nice.

On the opposite side of the lake, while I was headed southbound, there was a dad and mom and several kids of elementary ages walking together.  I don’t necessarily look at people much in that situation; I let people give me their clues as to what they wish.  . .  I even tend to avoid looking in the faces of people in that situation (parent with elementary age kids) for fear of contributing to any concern or offense they might have.

In this case, the whole family was looking at me and dad and/or mom had a recognizable smile or happy expression.  So, as we were passing each other, I turned and waved in greeting.

Toward the end of the walk, there was an amazing thing.  If and when I sunbathe, I sunbathe where N 65th Street meets the lake at E Greenlake Way N.  I usually also use this point to enter and/or leave the lake.

Anyway, as I am leaving, and walking from the walking path to N 65th St, there is this gal . . . and she is fully topless, with breasts and nips clearly fully showing.  She is/was oriented as “face down” but she was perched on her elbows so that her chest area and breasts were actually off of the ground.

I did not know if my example had inspired her . . . or if she had been reading in the news about topfree day (Sunday) . . . or both.  I have a basic simple photo of her from when I first was seeing her.  It was a few feet more “up” that I realized that her nips were fully shown as well, but I didn’t turn my camera on for the 2nd time in the space of a minute . . .  I try to be at least somewhat discreet and not make people self-conscious if I can avoid it.  Even so, in the photos, her nip is starting to be shown where the breast meets her bra in the photo, I think.

Earlier in the walk, a man had asked me how business was.  I had told him there were some greetings, but no hugs yet . . . and it turned out, 20 minutes later, that I walked ten feet away from a topless gal . . . a gal who, for some reason, had chosen to sunbathe where I sunbathe.

Here are a few photos . . . starting with a girl earlier in the walk . . .

Oh, no calls logged into the online crime map in reference to me . . . or in reference to the topfree gal . . .





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