Wednesday, August 5, 2015, a fantastic day!

I walked at Greenlake today and it was a fantastic day!

The background is that I had been slightly unsettled due to having my arm grabbed on Saturday morning at Denny Blaine Park and wondering how or if I should be more armed in any way.  And yesterday, an SPD patrol vehicle was parked in one of the parking lots near the small craft center, and I had to wonder if I had made them more worried, given that on Monday I had been walking downtown with an empty holster.

Things were slightly discouraging in those ways, though on Tuesday evening a woman encouraged and hugged me . . . and there was another woman who was walking with a very nice walk.

Anyway, things were a little discouraging and I drove over as usual.  The day was cloudy and not as warm as usual.  I decided to walk in street clothing . . .  Lots of people have seen me at this point and society have reconciled itself to the ability of a person to walk or sunbathe in a thong here.  The point is won . . . and I don’t need to win it each day when it is cloudy.

Anyway, I walk over towards Greenlake.  I am in street clothing.  I am approaching Greenlake on 65th St.  There is an uncontrolled intersection.  The driver of a vehicle with flashing lights sees me on the east side of the street.  He stops and turns his flashing lights on and lets me pass to the other side . . . and his vehicle is a Seattle Parks vehicle with the special addition of flashing or blinking lights on top.  Seattle parks surely knows who I am by now . . . and someone in their vehicle by seeming random chance was at the intersection, stops and flashes so I can pass over the street in safety.  How nice of them and how nicely encouraging after I got slightly beat up–scraped physically and unsettled emotionally.

So I walk and I have written previously that I had encountered the girls playing the piano at west Greenlake beach.  This time, there was a young woman and she was playing Chopin.  I said I did not appreciate him much and I liked Bach and Mozart and people of that era.  So we talked some about our lives and she tried to remember and play a little Bach and/or Mozart.

I did video of the little bits of playing she did.  She played a little bit and then would forget how the rest goes.

We enjoyed each other for the 5 or 10 minutes that we chatted.  She was of college age; she was Christian with a helping approach to others in life; I was in clothing, but it may not have mattered if I had been in undies and we might have chatted anyway . . .  I don’t know.  She certainly learned in the conversation that I walk in undies and I gave her my card and let her know she might be on the website.  No problem and we have fun.  Her name is Charity, by the way.

She actually lives on Queen Anne near the church I visit and I have friends at her SPU.

She played; she forgot; we laughed; she played; she forgot; we laughed.  Ha!

I teased her about learning some more Bach and Mozart pieces to play more fully for when she returns to the park; I think she will try and she may also try to find me some things of later eras that she likes that reflect joy, peace and love . . . although it is difficult after Beethoven.

It is a bit funny . . . after the once a month, or more or less, of some person making a demeaning or discouraging comment, and a few times a year, some fellow making demeaning speculations about my personality or psychology . . . the gal and I get to laugh about playing a little Bach.  David is an idiot and a deviate and who knows what else!  Right!

I continued on the walk  . . . SPD patrol was not parked in the parking lot . . . perhaps they had decided for today that I was less of a concern . . .

I continued on the walk and a woman with a double-wide stroller went running past me.  As she did so, she said, “Hi,” or greeted me in a similar encouraging way.  I responded and prayed God bless her and she responded also with God bless you.

So, it was cloudy and I was not in undies and I have no fun photos of gals in bikinis or showing a nice figure at Greenlake or downtown . . . it was fantastically encouraging and very nice in several other ways!

If the videos below do not play well, use this and this on youtube . . . One of the clips is the very beginning of the well-tempered clavier by Bach . . .


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