Wednesday, July 1, 2015, a blessed day!

I walked at Greenlake today.  I was using a slightly different set of undies.  In the past few months, I have tended to wear a thong with either a black see-thru sarong or a red see-thru sarong.  These were black undies with see-thru in the back and a modified back to show more skin than a normal “brief.”

I had a large number of compliments, hugs, requests to hug and photos.  Near the beginning, there was a group of guys and a gal, and they were serious when they said that the gal desired a hug.  She did and they took a photo of her and me and then we used my camera.

A few yards later, there were two gals and we did the same thing . . .  This gal asked me if there was some special occasion for my walk. . .  About halfway round the lake, two guys requested hug and photos . . . and then, there was a group of 3 or 4 persons who each hugged me, starting with the gal of the bunch!   She had run up to me saying, “I will hug you!” or “I will give you a hug!”

One fellow or teen whistled at me while going by on a bicycle.  Some others, a little younger, said hi or waved.

This was my first day in this particular set of undies, with their modification for the back.  I’ve worn the same before without the modification, but I tended to wonder if they covered too much, in the back!

After I finished my usual walk, I was soon to leave the area for some errands.  However, I had met the two gals earlier at the East Greenlake beach and not given them a card of mine.  If they were still present, I hoped to give them a card.  I was in clothing and returned to the East Greenlake beach.

I could not see them, but there were 2 musicians playing and I like their music and I listened to it for a bit.  Then, there were a few persons doing lemonade for tips . . . and while I was drinking some lemonade, a group of 4 girls began to do photos with each other near where the beach meets the water.

The group of girls had one of the girls with a nice camera taking photos of three of them.  The three girls did some face-forward photos and then with kicks and then with lifting one of the girls and then with girls on the backs of the others and then they did some photos with the girls facing towards the water and the camera viewing them from their rear . . .  nothing indecent or mooning, but merely the girls standing and the photographer (one of the 4 girls) viewing and photographing the three of them from behind them.

Here are three of the photos . . . in the first of the photos, the photo is merely of one of the 4 taking the photos of the other three girls whom you can see in that photo.  She is the one in the pink and yellow bikini bottoms.  In another, the girls are looking at the camera to see how their photos turned out.

For some reason, I did not have my camera their way when they were doing that!  Very bad!  It was funny . . .  I thought it was funny . . . cause it reminded me of an experience from last fall or late summer 2014.  I was on the walking path and taking a photo of some gals sunbathing.  A guy sees me and yells loudly to the effect that I am a perv and a few other discouraging comments.

Well . . . even these kids at times choose to take photos showing their figure from behind!  Lets assume that girls of 4th or 5th grade or however old they are are not “pervs!”

I could be wrong, but I think that in July 2014, that there were two or three times that a suspicious person call was logged into the crime map with regard to me, on a day I was walking clothed and had merely taken one or two photos at the East Greenlake beach.  I don’t know for sure . . . cause I didn’t bother to obtain and read the report of those calls.

I am not sure if people call less now . . . or if 911 operators now simply discourage sending a patrol for that reason alone.  Maybe I just have not been in the presence at the time of some guy with an overactive imagination and concern . . . this year!


This gal is one of four who were doing posing and photographs for each other.  This one has a camera and is having fun photographing her three friends . . .


Four girls looking at photos of themselves in the camera. The chief photographer of them was the gal in pink. . . and the others are looking at photos they have created. My guess is that their ages was of 4th or 5th grade . . . Do we have a different guess? We don’t always know ages just by looking!


This gal and this guy were part of a group of several who were my last batch of hugs for the day! This set began with the gal running up or walking quickly up to me and saying, “I will hug you!” or something equivalent! . . .  By the way, is she wearing a top that is a bit lacy and therefore see-thru?  I don’t know and I didn’t pay attention on the day!  The photo has not been altered or touched by photoshop or anything equivalent . . .



This is the 2nd of several gals of 07/01/15 who wished to do some hugs and photos with me. The photo was taken by her female friend. . . given the shadow, I’ll wonder if the sun has a dirty mind!


The camera I use is pretty nice. From a bench you can take a photo and you are able to read some of the sign about toxic algae . . . Ha!



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