Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It seems that officer Parr of the MIPD may be out of the area or on vacation for a few days and I pray that God be with him and be helping him. He seems to be a good, reasonable, calm, helpful and caring man. Of course, we would hope that all police officers be such, but some are more so and others less so.

Since in the last few days there was a woman sunbathing topless, at least while face down, at Madison Park, I reminds me to check on the progress of a lawsuit from last year in federal court. Last year a model was posing topless and was stopped by SPD officer Haag and forbidden to model topless at the beach which was empty at the time.

The federal judge was sympathetic to the model’s situation, but did not rule completely in our favor . . . The Seattle city attorney defending the case I think had to distance Seattle from the actions of the officer. I will check with the police office and see what mental progress they have made in that office, if any, and also check the rulings of the federal court.

In the last 2 days there was a bad stabbing of several people in Seattle. The knife used appears to have been a probably legal folding knife, but one that could nevertheless be deadly depending on how it was used.

A man who is reported as being 29 and is reported as having been arrested 22 times or so, apparently without provocation or reason, stabbed several people.

How do you defend yourself against a knife attack of these types? This seems pretty hard to do.

I will have to think a while about that, but it may be impossible unless a person is lucky enough to have God warn him in advance of the attack about to take place.

I think I shall visit a few courts today. I may try to see some of the trial of the Hokoanas in the UW shooting and also stop in at the federal courthouse and/or stop in at some the precinct locations to check on mental stability of officers who check on topless models.

The God of peace be with you all!

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