Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I walked at Greenlake Wednesday, but my walk was later than usual.  I was walking from about 6:30 to about 7:30.  At two points during the walk, there were sirens nearby . . . near the small craft center, there were two police vehicles parked on the paved walking path.  I thought at first they had come for me, but the officers were, I think, interacting with and giving their attention to one or more other persons.

Two police patrol vehicles, with sirens and lights flashing, is probably a bit much for chatting with me or checking on me . . . since they have on previous occasions done so at least once with a single vehicle and/or a single officer!  But 2 vehicles with sirens and/or lights . . . something was more important than usual . . .

There was a man and woman couple near me as we were passing the police vehicles and heading south.  I photographed briefly the scene and then said to them, “I thought they were here for me, although it has been 200-and-some walks.”

The man of them said, “No” or you are fine or something else similar, meaning, that I was not a cause of concern to him or others and that he did not believe police patrol would be visiting on my account.  I had walked from north of the vehicles to next to patrol vehicles and then to the south of them.  Patrol officers were concerned, so far as I believe, not with me, but with a person or persons a few feet to the west of their vehicles.  I thought there was only one person . . . I assume that they realized a person they might know was walking past them, but they paid no extra attention to me, so far as I know . . .  Perhaps they told their friends later they had seen passing by!

No hugs and no other interactions . . . no calls on the online crime map with respect to me as best I know . . .

Here is a photo taken from behind of the police vehicles with flashing lights.  When I walked past, I thought they were talking to a man, but next to the vehicles in the photos there is what seems to be a woman with hair cut so as to not cover her ears.  I don’t know if I was mistaken or if there was both a man and a woman.  Maybe this is a small lesson in how easily eyewitness testimony can be mistaken . . .  I walk by 2 or 3 or 4 feet to the east of the patrol vehicles and see the scene . . . I think that police attention is with a man sitting on the bench . . . and in the photograph, the person is wearing a top that women normally wear and now I think it may have been a woman . . .  David is fallible!

If I had been less afraid that they were there on my account I might have taken more photos from the front and when next to them!


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