Wednesday, July 29, 2015 a very funny day

I walked at Greenlake but I was walking later than usual.  I walked from about 5 to about 6.

There were several factors that caused my walk to be later than usual.  Some work was done in the afternoon .  .  . and the receptionist of a chiropractor’s office was hoping that I would come in.  The receptionist had sent me an email and I had replied and wanted to accommodate her.

Anyway, there was the funniest thing today–funny or hard to believe!  I walk and various people approach me at times on various days, to hug or take a photo or to ask a question or make a comment.  Some days no one approaches or interacts with me.  “You” often don’t know at first if the person speaking to you will be happy or irritated.

Anyway, Wednesday afternoon, I was walking and I was in a thong which is see-thru in the back and part sides of the front.  A woman with two young kids has just entered the walking path from a parking lot area.  One kid is in a stroller and the other is of an age slightly above the other.

I am walking and the woman says to me, “Excuse me, but could you tell me where the piano is?”

Ha!!  I told her how to find the piano.

So I wondered for a bit if my having the sign makes me seem more approachable . . . or if she would have asked anyone and I was simply the first available for her to ask!

Anyway, cause I at times think of how the law is written, and what is a cause of reasonable affront or alarm . . . well, in this case, today I was not, apparently, as far as she was concerned. Instead I was her choice for directions to the piano!  Instead, she thought of me as approachable and normal enough for directions!

How funny!

A few dozen more yards to the south, another woman smiled and greeted me.  I am not sure if this particular clothing item has any unknown or unexpected effect.  I would have thought not . . . but either randomly . . . or inexplicably and for a reason I do not know . . . this clothing item has been associated with a few more than usual positive interactions.  I don’t know why.

On one hand, on at least some days on which I have worn this item, there has been no particularly noticeable favorable response.  On the other hand I have not worn it often and on two or more out of four to seven days that I have worn it, I have had nice, fun or happy results while I was wearing it . . .  But perhaps it is a statistical fluke!



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