what do people read at this website?

I just reviewed the google analytics statistics for greenlakewalking.net. That raises the question of what do people read here, if anything in particular?

It turns out that there have been 200 and some page views in the last month or so.

About 8 views were on the topic of girls in mid-teens wearing thongs at the beach or park. Some somewhat average persons would think that girls do not wear thongs at the beach or park! In fact, the best guess is that, if women at times do so, the teens also will at times do so also, though not as frequently.

I can tell you that I have been in a women’s swimsuit store in location you-cannot-tell and a mom and her 14 year old daughter entered and the “kid” viewed and tried on a handful or more of the swimwear which tends to be marketed to and sold to adults. I happen to have been present long enough to have unobtrusively learned the age of the “kid,” who was 14 and who was planning on doing some modelling, though not related to me in any way!

I have no idea for sure if kids go to Victorias Secret or forever21 on the kids own initiative. Maybe. Maybe not. It is not very obvious. I know that I see kids with moms at Old Navy, but I do not know if Old Navy sells thongs for girls and women! I have not checked!

Several people visited a page on the site for the date July 10, 2018 and others visited the page with the photo of the Cupertino councilman Darcy Paul and my saying I would be praying for him!

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