Who carries knives in King county?

I have a massage practitioner friend and I see him for massage from time to time. He and I have discussed various items.

Today we were discussing who it is that carries knives here in King county and the usa, and whether or not a person needs to be aware of knife carrying by a person of hostile intent who is approaching you without good cause.

We went through the one larger story, the one for which I have the photos. Guys at Greenlake invited me over and asked to see my sword, and then one of them took out his knife, or one of his knives, and threw it into the ground. His throw was a pretty good throw and the blade of the knife went all or almost all the way into the soil of Greenlake.

I took the photo including both katana/sword in the soil, tip downwards, and a few feet away, the knife of this guy, with all or most of its blade in the soil and the handle visible above the soil.

As we discussed this, my massage practitioner said, “I think it would be very naive of a person to not believe that there are people out there with concealed weapons on them. I know people with concealed carry permits and some of them are carrying. And there are people who carry knives.”

And, he said, his son carries a knife with him, nearly constantly, except, of course, when at school.

I asked how old the son was and he said 17.

I asked, OK, if and when a person with hostile intent is approaching you with no good cause, what is the reasonable or wise assumption to make about whether or not that person is armed with a concealed weapon?

That he may be armed, he says.

I said, “By the way, do you know the first rule of gun safety? They will teach you this at the range or gun training or in police person school.”

My guy said no, other than do not point it at a person. He does not like guns and there is a good chance that he and his family have no guns.

I said, “You’ve got the right idea. That is part of one of the rules, but not the first rule. When you are trained in gun safety they have 4 rules they teach you. Some versions are slightly longer or shorter in terms of how they phrase the rules. The first rule of gun safety is to always assume the gun is loaded and to know the condition of the gun.”

We see an example of this rule being taught in the movie Wind River. There is a hunter who is the hero of the story because he is smarter and wiser than the others, even the police and FBI. And near the beginning of the movie, the hunter and his son are going hunting. The son is coming down a staircase with a bb rifle or airsoft and the son is careless with his rifle.

The dad and hunter says, Hey! Remember the rule. The gun is always loaded even if it is not!

By the way, the hunter guy lives and survives and helps the others, who are pretty stupid and dumb and walk into danger and traps and ambushes.

The other police and FBI are all shot, killed or injured, by the end, in the movie as it is depicted, and a large part of the reason is that they were not willing to pay good attention to signs of danger and to either avoid or suppress danger, even when the signs of danger or ambush were strong and bad.

Now, unfortunately, I cannot easily compel all potential jurors to have seen and thought about gun safety, personal safety or to have watched the movie Wind River . . .

Anyway, if and when “you” are being approached by a man of hostile intent, and he is wearing clothing and you have not searched or frisked him in the previous five minutes, the reasonable assumption is, statistically, that several persons in ten of those with hostile intent have a knife or other weapon on them.

That is the reasonable assumption. Some of the men with hostile intent and walking up to you have weapons on them and about as many men carry knives in public as carry guns, at least if you believe the surveys.

But the surveys understand the numbers. A person who carries a knife may do so but not regard it as for self-protection . . . and . . . some of the people who carry knives are less law-abiding than the gun carrying guys and so, less likely to admit the truth in a survey.

So, if you have an idiot who is approaching you, with no perceived good cause, and with certain or possible hostile intent, you should know that some of them have knives and some of the knives you will not see until it is too late if you are stupid and sloppy.

Now, I am not sure why SPD officers Wood, Hay and Stubble seem to not be aware of this or why Wood, Hay and Stubble expect me or you or others to let persons of known hostile intent to get within 2.5 feet of “you,” or “me,” because surely they did not learn such behavior in police school.

People who approach you, with no known good cause and/or with hostile intent, are often armed with a knife. Because I have worn a sword, at times, and because I discuss the topic openly, at times, some people pull their knives out and show me, and in one case, also then threw his knife into the ground, for friendly show!

People who are not police or those who do not wear swords or those who do not discuss weapons and self-defense with people do not always find out or hear that their friends and acquaintances in fact carry a knife out in public, even if it is a simple pocket knife slightly worse than the boy scout versions.

But, if you believe Wood, Hay, Stubble and Holmes, people of known, stated hostile intent who may be armed with a knife should be allowed unchallenged to walk up to 1.5 feet of me. If Wood, Hay, Stubble and Holmes were to practice that behavior on their own, some of them would get killed by some evil-doer miscreant anti-social psychopath.

Do Wood, Hay, Stubble and Holmes have wives or girlfriends or family members who are out of uniform and who permit persons of known, stated, hostile, aggressive intent to walk up to them at 1.5 feet away?

Does Dori Monson permit persons of known, stated hostile intent to walk up to him at 1.5 feet away?

Do the family members of Monson engage in such behavior? When a guy has known, stated hostile intent and may be armed with a gun or knife, you just let them walk up to you and get inside of 3 feet?

Some of them may be very lucky than the majority of evil-doers are lazy, slothful and have no particular animus towards them. The average evil-doer only wants to steal some cash or valuables or get high, rather than impose some moral agenda of his own choosing on surrounding people.

Nevertheless, I am praying that God show all officers Wood, Hay, Stubble and Holmes and Monson and others of the ilk of Monson and Holmes, the right way!

Because, if and when a guy has known and stated or known and manifest hostile intent, do not let him get within a certain distance of you!

If officers Wood, Hay and Stubble believe that the distance to which or at which we keep out evil-doers is 2 feet . . . then . . . oh, great. I am sure that is going to work out well.

God show Hay, Keller, Monson and Holmes the right way!


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