why American “girls” should practice a stern look and/or slapping

So, the situation with the Tumwater video has made me think and learn a little bit more about the question and the issue of “sexual assault” and “sexual assault” in schools and elsewhere.

I have believed for years that girls and women in America should have basic knowledge and practice in using a stern look or slapping a guy’s face.  I am not sure why “we” (people in the USA) have gotten away from that in favor of the law enforcement solution . . .  Here is an extreme reaction . . . a little more violent than I would normally recommend, but perhaps in the right direction . . .

But lets consider what the absence of slapping (or a stern look) has produced:

1) A shop teacher named Maib in Walla Walla, Washington, touched or is alleged to have touched on the butt a girl–of age 14 or 15–10 to 15 times in the first month of school starting around September 2014. The police produced two reports and the prosecutors decided not to file charges, based on insufficient evidence, the prosecutor says.

After the first touch on the butt, what does the girl do or what should the girl do?

What did the girl do? We don’t know what she did or when it was finally brought to “the authorities.”   Of course, it takes time and trouble and maybe hurting people to “bring things to the authorities.”

If you are touched on the butt and you don’t wish it, turn and look at the guy and perhaps include a frown or stern look . . . depending on his age and the context, slap him.  Or, if he is a fellow student and you are not upset and he is teasing you and tis ok, abstain from slapping . . .

Butt touch by teacher . . . turn, look and slap in response . . . game over.  Game over for the teacher with you or with others who know of the slap.

Game over without police involvement, unless someone decides it is needed . . . Probably the principals hears of it anyway . . . maybe someone investigates . . . maybe the guy apologizes . .  .

In the case of the Walla Walla touchings, since no prosecution was brought anyway, the girl could have saved herself a dozen butt touchings and a bunch of conversations . . . and maybe some grief . . . with a slap after the first butt touching . . .

In the 1990s, here in the Seattle area, there was a pastor named Bob Moorehead.  He was pastor of Overlake Christian church and the church was growing dramatically.  For whatever unknown reasons, he fondled a dozen or perhaps dozens of guys while getting them “ready” for baptism or weddings over a number of years.  It took some people forever to figure out that he did the fondling.

Does no one ever give a stern look or a slap?  How long would the Moorehead fondling have gone after a single slap?

2 thoughts on “why American “girls” should practice a stern look and/or slapping

  1. Mary

    Screw slapping, this many gropings should just result in a kick to the balls. But in practice, glares and slaps do work!

    1. zaitzeff Post author

      Thanks! It is true that after 10 or 15 or 20 gropings or butt feelings, that a high school teacher or janitor is acting badly, but many of the individual girls who are touched don’t realize that she is #5 or 10 or whatever!

      Also, it may not be the best thing to kick a guy who is simply a classmate and whom you may be seeing from day to day, assuming that he survives without being kicked out of school!


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