Wind River movie review

I saw the movie Wind River last night. The movie was produced apparently to tell the story of Native American women being assaulted or murdered or harmed in other ways, without much accountability.

This is a movie about a crime and a strange and perhaps insufficient law enforcement environment, lands of Indian reservation and/or drilling and/or mining areas.

There is a hunter who is part of the Fish and Wildlife who is asked to help the police in the law enforcement process. Near the ending of the movie, he saves the life of one of the law enforcement because he is not with them when they are ambushed and the hunter is able to act as a sniper on behalf of good, though a few minutes later, the hunter knocks out and then arranges for the death of a chief bad guy, which may or may not be morally problematic.

Normally when law enforcement captures the bad guy law enforcement brings him in for trial and normally to kill the bad guy prematurely and without sufficient cause is considered a morally and criminally bad act.

On one hand, the last surviving bad guy of the film had been responsible for several deaths and had helped shoot at people, in addition to raping a woman earlier and helping to kill her boyfriend . . . I wonder how God views that situation. Does God always expect the law enforcement officer to bring the bad guy to trial, in situations such as depicted in Wind River? . . . I lack the knowledge of spiritual things and morality to know!

In the last quarter of the movie, the small group of law enforcement walk into an ambush and an attack against them. Supposedly the movie is inspired by actual events, but we do not know how closely. Did the law enforcement officers have enough clues to spot the ambush and to have taken preventative actions, either in the movie or in an actual situation? Was there even such an ambush in an actual situation?

I do not know . . .

Just before the actual ambush, the police and some mining or drilling security people had drawn guns on each other . . . was that a sufficient sign of trouble?

I do not know!

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