Women and see through yoga pants

There are websites that sell yoga pants or leggings and some of these allow for reviews and comments.  Sometimes the leggings or pants are somewhat see through and the women comment that they know it and simply avoid wearing panties.

Here are some comments from the 98 reviews from “lace up hem leggings,” at shein.

“Very thin and very see through. Cute though! Just don’t plan on working out . . .”

“A little small, and see through when on, but cute!”

“I have received so many compliments on them and they are super great for yoga and stretching!”

“The material is also not suitable for a workout or yoga. Way too thin…” wearing a medium.

There are other similar comments for a different set of leggings, in which the woman says, “This is see through and will show your panties, but it is not a problem for me as I don’t wear any with the legging,” approximately.  But I am having difficulty findt that comment at this point!

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