Yes, Virginia, there is an evangelical church in Berkeley!

I was either complaining or making fun of the Berkeley spiritual condition or landscaping.

There are about 120K people living in Berkeley. It appears to be a challenge to encounter churches of a certain type by accident. If all you do is to circulate in and near downtown and the north shopping area or the south library or the north library and with a smattering of storefront and window shopping headed to the west, then, there is a lot of unusual stuff in various varieties.

There are more brands of Buddhists here than the average person would be able to name . . . including little shopping that are a like a Buddhist tea and meditation room, or whatever that was. We have a Buddhist temple building a few feet away from the high school and I think we have a Zen or Chan Buddhist storefront.

We have 3 buildings of Friends and 3 synagogues and 1 JCC. The Assembly of God is the size of house and lacks a pastor after having lost the pastor. The Assembly of God for some reason does not go by the name of Assembly of God and has the nondescript name of Bridge or the Bridge . . . meaning . . . who knows what.

I think that some blog posts of the original pastors or creators of the AG church says that you should not worry and they will not scare you away or freak you out. Just to let you know . . . the local AG called the Bridge does not double as a haunted house, or so says some of the church planters, who seem, explicably or inexplicably to no longer be in the vicinity!

Well, I have interesting news for all who feared that there was nothing in Berkeley in the way of an evangelical church or church of Christ. On Tuesday I was driving out of the city and I passed by what seemed to be a Baptist church or storefront. Near it was one of the Jewish buildings and there was also a church or building saying the way.

And, in the north shopping district on Thursday, yesterday, I had to park my car in a different spot than usual to find a parking spot. I was walking back to my car and there was a church called Christchurch with a squarish cross. I look and think to myself that this might be evangelical in comparison with the majority of other nearby church buildings.

Let us not think that I am infallible but at times I make a good guess.

There is a guy sitting on the steps and he is reading some book or notebook.

I say hi; we chat.

Somehow I ask if he is Christian or related to the church and he is the pastor of the church!

The church seems to be an actual evangelical Reformed church of some kind or flavor. The man actually does pray and he believes that God heals today.

I share some prayer requests and the guy prays for me and my mom and for some friends in Seattle . . .

This guy and his church probably believe all or large parts of the Bible. Some of the church attenders are students and therefore temporary and others are more established parts of the community or city.

The church seems to have services on Sunday mornings only and not on Sunday evenings or mid-week. There are some smaller groups that get together midweek.

I have had “shin splits” this week on the front of my left leg above my foot. The pastor prayed for my healing, among other things.

While we were chatting a person stopped by to say hi who had been to the church as a student and was now out of the area. The guy wanted to express his appreciation and said that the church was the first church he had attended regularly.

So, the question that we can think about is . . . why was this guy outside the church on the church steps while I was walking by rather than inside? Inquiring minds want to know! Maybe God liked the idea of this guy praying for me and nudged the guy to go read something on his church building steps.

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