Yesterday’s crazy hip scarf story!

I go to barre class on some days in a West Seattle barre place. I think different “barre” places/studios have different personalities. I don’t know for sure, but we can presume that different exercise, yoga or half dance studios have different personalities. The one in West Seattle is definitely very cheery, cheerful and friendly.

I attend the classes in the mornings when I go. On this Friday (2 days ago) I go and the class is about half full and the teacher and half the students are in something red. I am in all white. At the beginning of class, a fellow student asks me where my Christmas decoration is and we discuss yoga pants with Christmas themes or other things in red or with a Christmas idea. The same fellow student also ribs me a little after class–on not splurging on some Christmasy outfit or clothing item.

On Saturday for class I look for some red clothing and all I find is an orange t-shirt. I wear it and the teacher and I figure it is close enough to qualify . . .

I sleep overnight in the orange t-shirt and there is some oil on it and I don’t wish to wear it on Sunday morning. I don’t have any red yoga pants or any red t-shirts and I did not wish to just wear a red bow tie to barre class.

I wonder what to wear while looking at the bedroom and I see a red hip scarf which I have never worn. I have 5 to 10 hip scarves of various colors, cause a while ago I took a belly dancing class and they expected/wished/wanted people to wear hip scarves. Forgive my having some hip scarves . . . I think that for belly dancing class I used a green hip scarf; I’ve not worn purple or red.

So I figure I will wear my red hip scarf with my usual yoga pants–not knowing what reaction or perception there would be, if any . . .

Of course, people do not always wear “hip scarves” out in public or to exercise class and guys wear hip scarves even less than the women do. At the time, I do not know if the perception would be favorable, unfavorable or if people would simply ignore the scarf. But since it is Christmas and a fellow student has ribbed me about not wearing any Christmas decoration, 2 days earlier, I figure it won’t be a disaster.

So I go in a red hip scarf and beige leggings. And at the door a fellow student greets and compliments me on the hip scarf. She says it is cool! We talk about that and how a different student had ribbed me two days ago for not wearing a Christmas decoration. She liked the scarf.

She liked the scarf and after class, she went on to encourage me to also wear other colors on different days!

I said, I have some in other colors; perhaps I will wear them on other holidays! The fellow student reiterated her encouragement.

I drove back over to Mercer Island and stopped in at New Seasons to get some eggs for breakfast.

At “New Seasons grocery” on Mercer Island I have worn weapons, holsters, knives, yoga pants and bow ties and been complimented and thanked when in a bow tie or dressed up in some way, though many of the time when I was “dressed up” and was complimented I was also wearing a knife or yoga pants. . . A lot of women enjoy seeing me while in a white bow tie or a red bow tie and a black dress shirt and say so. even some guy clerks notice and say something.

Anyway, I did not know if I should wear a red hip scarf to the grocery and decided to “repants” first in dockers men’s slacks.

And the clerk was one of my many “friendly acquaintances” and he is also at times a clerk manager or floor manager. I told him the funny crazy story of the woman or women students appreciating seeing the red hip scarf, or, me in the hip scarf, at barre class. I said I could have worn it while walking in but I did not, and the clerk manager was not unhappy with the idea and found the whole story funny!

So, on some day or days, I will wear one of the hip scarves at both the exercise class and at New Seasons. Not every day . . . not most days . . . I will have to ponder which might be good days!

So, “we” do not always know how “we” will be perceived; in at least some instances people enjoy seeing me in something sharp.

People do not normally wear hip scarves while walking in public or in exercise class . . . so, how do “we” perceive them when a person is wearing a hip scarf as decorative clothing . . . and it happens so rarely we almost never see in public?

In any case, fun for today!

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